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Transform the Space Below You: Custom Basement Remodeling and Renovations for a new level of Comfort

Whether you have an unfinished basement or a downstairs family room that you might like to upgrade for entertainment, exercise, or simply relaxation, our award-winning Winnipeg home renovation experts can help you design and implement the correct style for that cozy family corner to be enjoyed year-round.

Basement renovations in Winnipeg Custom Design Build Group
Basement renovations in Winnipeg

How long do basement renovations take?

The typical duration for completing a basement ranges from 4 to 10 weeks. Project size may influence the timeline, so allocate ample time. Given the substantial investment and scope, there’s no need to rush the process.

How much does it cost to renovate a basement in Winnipeg?

The cost varies depending on the size of your basement and the types of materials you choose. Overall, the average cost to finish a basement in Manitoba ranges from $25,000 to $70,000. This includes both material and labor costs.

How much does it cost to finish a 1000-square-foot basement?

The cost of finishing a 1,000-square-foot basement typically starts at $35,000. Actual expenses vary based on design and material choices. A completed basement offers versatile functions like storage, office space, an additional bathroom, or even a complete extra bedroom. We will delve into the components of this investment and explore the possibilities for utilizing your finished space.

Is it worth it to put a bathroom in the basement?

Integrating a bathroom into the basement maximizes home efficiency. This addition appeals to current homeowners and enhances the property’s appeal to potential buyers, ultimately elevating the home’s market value.

How much does it cost to add a bathroom in the basement in Winnipeg?

If you want to add a bathroom, you’ll need to estimate between $12,500 and $20,000; depending on the layout, we might have to add or move plumbing, move or add walls, and also add finishes like a heated tile floor or steam shower. This plays a large part in the cost.

Our experts guide you through the process, ensuring a worthwhile investment.

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